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Tempe Professionals Visitation & Upcoming Events

View this month's visitation schedule and upcoming events like mxers and other networking events.


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Below you will find this month’s visitation schedule as well as Tempe Professionals Events Calendar featuring upcoming mixers and other notes of interest.




Program Schedule:

Oct  25th

Show     Ted & Loretta

Greet    David & Dr. O’Connor

Speak    Tami & Elaine


Nov 1st

Show    Jerome & Chase

Greet    Ted & Loretta

Speak    David & Dr O’Connor


********    Nov 7th  (Wednesday)- MIXER – Z Tejas Grill- 5:30 to 7:30pm  (Ray & 54th St, Chandler)


Nov 15th    

Show    Tim & Stephan

Greet    Jerome & Chase

Speak    Ted &   ??


Happy Thanksgiving Nov 22nd


Nov 29th

Show    Lynn & Bud

Greet    Tim & Stephan

Speak    Jerome & Chase


Dec 6th

                        Show    Anthony & Reggie

Greet    Lynn & Bud

Speak   Tim & Stephan


Dec 13th

Show    Denise & Alex

Greet    Anthony & Reggie

Speak   Lynn & Bud


LeTip – Tempe Professionals – Visitation Schedule
VISITATION Meeting: Nov. 15th , 2018
During the month, visit the person to your right and give a 30 second commercial for them at the 2nd Thursday meeting of the month.
VISITOR Scheduled TO VISIT Members Phone Members E-mail Members Category
1 Tami Armijo Tyler Smith 210-412-3439 [email protected] Personal Trainer
2 Lynn Hennessy Anthony Ramirez 480-454-6451 [email protected] Attorney – Personal Injury
3 Bruce Stevens Barb Smith 480-505-4646 [email protected] Real Estate Residential
4 Loretta Love Huff David LeGar 928-274-1980 [email protected] Acupuncture
5 Chris Kelly Lynn Hennessy 480-759-0203 [email protected] Insurance Property Casualty
6 Darrell Jones Andrew Peterson 480-510-2545 [email protected] Contractor Remodeling
7 Jeff Schenk Bud Noble 480-338-6436 [email protected] Promotional Products
8 Barbara Smith Elaine Godin 480-788-4574 [email protected] Travel Agent
9 J.T. Burchett Norma McCormack 480-283-5597 [email protected] Essential Oils
10 Andrew Petersen Brad McLay 480-786-5600 [email protected] Commecial Real Estate
11 Elaine Godin Loretta Love Huff 602-454-7787 [email protected] Coach Business/Personal
12 Tim Berry Tami Armijo 480-390-5963 [email protected] Mortgage Loans
13 David LeGar Chase Merrell 480-369-6667 [email protected] Flooring
14 Chase Merrell Tim Berry 480-686-7633 [email protected] Auto Body Repair
15 Norma McCormick Bruce Stevens 620-390-5778 [email protected] Auto Glass Windshield Repair
16 Brad MacLay Johnathan Wood 480-834-6868 [email protected] Heating and Air Conditioning
17 Jeremiah Green Jerome Kearney 602.754.3478 [email protected]om Automotive Solutions Mobile
18 Tyler Smith Denisse Barrera 480-206-5558 [email protected] Landscaper
19 Bud Noble Bobbi Kresnik 888-685-1900 [email protected] Bank Card Service
20 Alex Chu Jeff Schenk 480-706-0327 [email protected] Financial Advisor
21 Johnathan Wood Stephen Abate 480-404-8383 [email protected] Movers
22 Anthony Ramirez Ted Greenberg 602-910-7250 [email protected] Auto Detailer
23 Ted Greenberg Jeremiah Green 480-519-9327 [email protected] Window Cleaner
24 Reggie Robinson JT Burchett 480-529-2786 [email protected] Carpet Cleaner
25 Denisse Barrera Aaron Haltom 480-440-5699 [email protected] Pest Control
26 Aaron Haltom Dee Schippel 602-315-9376 [email protected] Decorator
27 Stephen Abate Reggie Robinson 480-335-4180 [email protected] Handyman
28 Dee Schippel Darrel Jones 480-730-6463 [email protected] C.P.A.
29 Bobbi Kresnik Chris Kelly 602-750-4349 [email protected] Health and Nutrition
30 Jerome Kearney Alex Chu 602-820-0336 [email protected] Painter

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