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Tempe Professionals Visitation & Upcoming Events

View this month's visitation schedule and upcoming events like mxers and other networking events.

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Below you will find this month’s visitation schedule as well as Tempe Professionals Events Calendar featuring upcoming mixers and other notes of interest.

Program Schedule:



Showboaters:  Chris Kelly & Tyler Smith

Greeters: Andrew Peterson & Norma McCormick

Speakers: Jeff Martineau & David LeGar

Showboaters: Darrell Jones & Mark Vedette

Greeters:  Chris Kelly & Tyler Smith

Speakers: Andrew Peterson & Norma McCormick



Tempe Professionals
  Visitor   Scheduled to Visit
1 Tami Armijo Katie Stapleton
2 Lynn Hennessy Lisa DeMello
3 Loretta Love Huff Mark Vedette
4 Chris Kelly Jeff Martineau
5 Darrell Jones  Tami Armijo
6 Jeff Schenk Lynn Hennessy
7 Barb Smith Loretta Love Huff
8 JT Burchett Chris Kelly
9 Andrew Peterson Darrell Jones
10 David LeGar Jeff Schenk
11 Norma McCormick Barb Smith
12 Brad MacLay JT Burchett
13 Tyler Smith Andrew Peterson
14 Alex Chu David LeGar
15 Reggie Robinson Norma McCormick
16 Rick Larsen Brad MacLay
17 Lisa DeMello Tyler Smith
18 Mark Vedette Alex Chu
19 Jeff Martineau Reggie Robinson
20 Katie Stapleton Rick Larsen

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