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Join Arizona's Largest LeTip Business Networking Group!

Are you interested in growing your business? Visit us for lunch, meet our members and find out how we work.

Ready to Get Started With LeTip?

If you’re prepared to make the smartest decision of your career and build both your business and your standing in the greater Phoenix community, check out our directory of Tempe Professionals members. If your industry category is not represented (LeTip International allows each chapter to select just one expert in any given profession), please join us for lunch and meet the members of our business networking group. Our meetings every Thursday aim to energize and motivate our members to share valuable leads, develop great relationships, sharpen presentation and public speaking skills, and network their way to business growth and success.

Choose the Tempe Professionals

With Arizona’s largest LeTip chapter supporting you, exciting new business prospects are just a few handshakes away. The Tempe Professionals are a close-knit family that has a reputation for professionalism, commitment, and loyalty to LeTip and each other. Experiencing the “Feel Good Factor,” that gratification of making a difference for a fellow businessperson, has driven us all to become better people and better leaders.

Meet Us at GenerationsLiv

We would be thrilled to welcome you to our weekly meeting over lunch on Thursday at the GenerationsLiv in the southern Phoenix area of Ahwatukee, just off I-10 and Chandler Blvd.

Commit to Excellence and Reap the Rewards

LeTip works because our members work. We don’t expect to get rich quick, and we don’t cut corners. What we do expect is that our commitment and striving for excellence will earn the trust of our fellow members and forge deeply rooted business relationships that add incredible value and stand the test of time. We embraced both men and women in business when we set the word-of-mouth referral standard back in 1978, and we continue to uphold that standard today. The true spirit of LeTip is a testament to the talent, respect, and exceptional effort of our members.

With a similar commitment and the help of willing mentors, you can make great strides in the professional networking arena, become equipped to effectively promote yourself and your business, tap into the extensive resources of friends and fellow members, and reap qualified referrals for months and years. LeTip’s innovative approach multiplies your individual efforts by providing an entire chapter of professional salespeople to help you reach out to the community and grow your business. When you attend weekly meetings and foster more and more business relationships, you are never alone. Together, the rewards of the networking Tempe Professionals provides pays for itself many times over.

Meeting Location

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LivGenerations Ahwatukee: 15815 S 50th St, Phoenix, AZ 85048.
(Check in at the front desk. Ask for Tempe Professonals Le Tip Networking).


Thursdays, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

What to Bring:

50+ business cards.

Join Arizona's Largest LeTip Business Networking Group!

Are you interested in growing your business? Visit us for lunch, meet our members and find out how we work.