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We Are an Elite Business Networking Group

Each week, LeTip Tempe Professionals brings together a network of entrepreneurs from across the Phoenix metro area to foster business relationships, fuel growth, fine-tune skills and fulfill dreams. As Arizona’s largest LeTip professional networking chapter, we have the momentum and proven track record to help our members accelerate their success through business referrals and the exchange of high-quality leads. If you are an expert in your field — and in a profession not already represented by the business networking group — join us for lunch to mingle with our esteemed members and learn a little more about how we can help Tip you toward even more success.

Our Rich Past Is Propelling Our Future

Drawing business and community leaders from each corner of Phoenix since our local chapter was chartered in September 2004, Tempe Professionals has cultivated a mutually beneficial environment where men and women who are committed to providing exceptional service to their customers and clients work together to encourage and energize one another. Our weekly networking meetings are welcoming and packed with action and relevant, useful training. The setting is also non-threatening, as our single-member industry representation policy and zero tolerance for conflicts of interest ward off competition and manipulation.

Our Resources Extend Internationally

The standard set by visionary LeTip International Founder Ken Peterson has been taken up by accomplished business people in 525 chapters across the United States and Canada, led by 15 regional directors. Like those networking in Tempe, Peterson experienced the power that personal referrals had on the trajectory of his insurance agency and other small businesses before founding LeTip in 1978. Today, as the world’s largest privately-owned professional networking and leads generation organization, the LeTip International values and principles he inspired are growing companies everywhere.

The top 5 reasons to join Tempe Professionals LeTip!

LeTip membership puts “Dollars in your pocket”.


LeTip members learn to be better public speakers.

LeTip is a family and members are loyal to one another.

LeTip members have a reliable source of business professionals to recommend to clients, family and friends.

LeTip stimulates the “Feel Good Factor” that great feeling we get in our hearts when we help another towards success.

Becoming a member of LeTip is one of the best investments I’ve made. I have done business with a number of people in the chapter and have landed some significant outside clients from introductions they made on my behalf. My category isn’t an easy one to tip but the tips I’ve gotten have been fabulous! I have definitely gotten WAY more than my money’s worth. And I’ve made some great friends along the way.

Loretta Love Huff

Business Coach , Emerald Harvest Consulting

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Academy Mortgage Corporation 605 South Chandler Village Drive, Chandler, AZ 85226.


Thursdays, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

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50+ business cards.

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